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OPERATION MINDFALL Outdoor Escape Game- Can you save your city from the deadly virus?

OPERATION MINDFALL  Outdoor Escape game – Spider Tech has leaked a dormant but deadly virus into the global water system. In just 120 minutes they will activate the virus from their secure HQ servers in Nelson and gain control of the world.

What is an Outdoor Escape Game?

Outdoor escape games are exciting and interactive games designed to challenge your problem-solving skills while enjoying the great outdoors. As well as the games being played in teams, they also game involve solving a series of puzzles and clues to find the ultimate solution or escape from a scenario.

Your outdoor escape game can take place in various locations, such as parks, forests, or urban environments, and can be themed around different scenarios, such as spy missions, treasure hunts, or challenges. In the same way, the games can be tailored to suit different age groups, skill levels, and group sizes, therefore making them a fun and inclusive activity for families, friends, and colleagues.

Why is an Outdoor Escape Game effective for Team Building and Events?

Another key point is that these games promote teamwork, communication among the group, and critical thinking. With this in mind, players work together to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. With a focus on immersive storytelling and engaging gameplay, the games offer an innovative and exciting way to explore the outdoors. They also test your skills and create unforgettable memories with your team.

Outdoor escape games are an excellent way to have fun with friends, family, or coworkers while enjoying the magnificent outdoors. The games are set in unique locations such as parks, forests, or historic sites, which will add to your overall experience and sense of adventure.

The Game Play

Step into the midst of an undercover spy operation.

Your team of undercover operatives has received top-secret intelligence on Spider Tech, the company behind a top-secret research program that, if successful, will give them the power to control the human mind.

A dangerous yet dormant virus has been released into the world’s water supply by Spider Tech.

They will activate the virus and take over the planet in about 120 minutes from their safe headquarters servers in Nelson.

Using the code name Operation Mindfall, your team must find the anti-virus and destroy Spider Tech’s servers.

Pressure from foreign governments is mounting. The fate of the world rests in your team’s hands.


Anyone under 16 must have an adult aged 18 or older with them while playing this game.

The game involves walking and crossing busy roads and areas.

Please ensure children are under your supervision at all times during the game.

Play Xscape Spaces Outdoor Escape Game with Caution.

Operation Mindfall and Blackout -WISE Agent Laura At Xscape Space-Nelsons Premier Escape Rooms

2-6 players per team




2 hours


Level Med - Hard


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